Past Life Regression – Session 1

Date: April 24th, 2018

Time: 11:12 Am CST

Past life regression technique: Utilized a Guided Meditation Video (see Notes)


The process of drifting into the meditation trance was quite easy, I was tired and ready to sit down and zone out so to speak. There were several times during the process that my mind started wandering into current events and random thoughts that are related to my everyday life. After pushing past those I refocused on the man’s words and began to feel my body less and see visions more. During the process, he asked to visualize life before being born while in the womb of the mother, this was surprisingly¬†easy and really felt like I was in a spring day, with a nice wind blowing on the outside around my mother. It felt oddly similar to being in a convertible around April or May.

He progressed into imaging what the birth was like and feeling like you were there without pain, again this came surprisingly easy, I noticed the mask on the doctor and the white hat he wore, with a light blue scrubs underneath his white coat. I noticed my father next to my mom, and 2 other females in the room. He said to concentrate on the door, and he guided me through the door opening and the light brilliantly shining behind it. This is where time and space got weird, I was seeing views of a calm ocean and a beach against an early morning sunrise. Flashing between images and motions of being on a ship in the middle of a chaotic weather on the ocean. It was evening and the panic was real on the boat, I felt my name was John M / John S the name was apparent while in the trance but quickly became murky afterward. I remember looking around the ship and could easily tell it was an aircraft carrier.

The name was odd, I kept on being told Bismarck, like a small unconscious voice. When my conscious¬†mind would say that is impossible, the Bismarck was German and I am American it would correct me and keep saying Bismarck, I accepted this at the moment and noticed that I was wearing the white navy outfit. All this was seeming odd, but I suppressed the urge to wake up and continued my mind doing what it wanted to do. Suddenly, it was as if I was floating in the water watching the ship I was on the sink to the bottom of the ocean. I knew I had not died or will not die but there I was floating in the night’s ocean.

Moments go by and I see an image of a man dressed in Navy attire, holding a little boy standing next to a beautiful woman. The image felt like it was the 50s and we were near the ocean, you could almost feel the ocean breeze coming in off the ocean on a warm summer day. There was a Lighthouse in the distance but not much more detail than this, suddenly I started to get emotional thinking about the kid and the wife and death and had to pull myself from the trance. It was truly overwhelming.

After Research:

I was doing some research and started off on a hunch by searching for USS Bismarck, which to my surprise came back as the USS Bismarck Sea. A ship that was sunken during World War II in the Pacific ocean. My curiosity started to peak, being a somewhat skeptic I searched for the list of survivors of the shipwreck and Low and Behold the name John Mayer came up. Now, I know I said John M or S but during the trance, there was more definition and several names that popped up this being the closest one. Now if you ever googled the name John Mayer, you will know it’s a popular name. So I dug in for 3 – 4 hours and started looking at and found more about this guy than I was hoping for, I am still doing some research but from what I found he had a son, who fortunately enough actually posted on some websites talking about his dad and how he survived the sinking. It was pretty interesting to learn that John, floated at sea for about a day and took a long journey home. One where they actually thought he was dead. I am going to try and do more regression work with this one, and see if I can dig up more information to go on as of right now he is pretty elusive, but I have more than enough information to believe that I was seeing a real event. Whether it was my past life or just me witnessing a moment in history, I can’t say but I do feel a connection to this story now.

Thanks for reading,

Constantine Out.