Online Grimoire

Daily Journaling

Document yourself

Keep track of your thoughts and Ideas, understanding yourself and actions day to day help develop you intrinsically. Combine these with your ritual notes and dream journals to get the whole picture of how you are doing.

Ritual Journaling

Rituals and Workings

Keep track of the details that matter during the ritual, weather, astrology, time, moon phases, etc.. all automatically. Add your correspondences and ritual details and you have a entry that can be easily searched for and followed up on.

Dream Journaling

Track your Dreams

Dreams help us understand important details about our daily lives, processes and much more. Keep them available easily.

Search / Follow Ups

Search for your entries by Date, Entry Type, Keyword, or Tag. Making it easier to find and write follow up notes for.

Ritual Lock

Do it and forget it, is a slogan of the successful magician. Sometimes it’s hard. Set up a time lock on a ritual or journal entry, that will hide the entry from view until the time lock has elapsed. Out of Site of mind.

Export Entries

“Don’t drag the computer to the temple” – Buddha

Export and print out the ritual, journal or Dream entry to put in your physical grimoire or take into temple with you as a reference sheet.

Auto Weather

Easily import the weather conditions based on your location, allowing you to focus on the ritual itself and not how wet or dry the stone is.

Planetary Hours / Moon Phases

Add Planetary Hours and Moon phases to all your entries, allowing you to compare your entries later for success during a potential phase or planetary time.

Privacy Controls

Every person is different, some like to have followers and some like to be anonymous. We let you choose!  There are 3 options: Public, Private and Hidden. Public will let people see you have a journal and see all your public posts. Private will lock out all your posts, but they will still be able to see you have a journal and communicate with you. While, hidden will never show up anywhere, it will be like you do not exisit on the site.

Additional Features

  • Vast Correspondence Database

    Stop spending time looking up what correspondences connect to what. Search for the topic, item or known correspondence and you can see the map of how they relate to each other and what effects they have. Make it easy to add and research correspondences to each ritual entry in your Grimoire.

  • Integrated Astrology Charts

    Import to the minute astrological information into your ritual entry. Noting astrological timing can be the difference between understanding success and failure. When you enter or plan a ritual, the journal will take a snapshot of the planets and enter it in the entry for you. Allowing you to compare and review what happened.

  • Sigil Generator

    Create a Sigil in less than 3 minutes! Enter the desire of the Sigil, connect the correspondences and check the type of sigil you want to create and the system will generate the sigil for you to print out or copy. You can even attach the Sigil to a Ritual Journal Entry to record the process and determine success rate.

  • Gematria Calculator

    Save time when calculating words for rituals or research. Determine how you want to calculate the information for the most common gematria libraries and get your results instantly.

  • Research Note Entries

Future Features

  • Group Rituals

    Organize and track group ritual workings together, while maintaining personalized and private information. Invite participants to the main group ritual that states the purpose and process. Each attendee will be able to comment, respond and provide feedback to the ritual as well as see the correspondences involved.

  • Publications

    Create your own grimoire that you can share publicly, choose who gets to access it and for how much to access it. After all, it’s your time, knowledge and expertise.

Encrypted Data

During phase 3 of development, we will allow for encrypting of data with in the database. Meaning that if we were ever compromised, no data would be visible or able to be decyphered without your unique key.

AI Analysis

Eventually we will integrate AI components to the software that will allow you to analyze your entries for success, trends and failures to see common points of entry. Helping you isolate what works and what does not, allowing you to fine tune your process.